Top 10 Trending APK Apps for 2018 That will Support you at any place

There are millions of apps to download on the google play store. Some apps are new and others have been standbys on list for this year. All such apps make our life easier, and help us get the most of our mobile. These apps are categorized by music, travel, social, entertainment, fitness and so on. Today, we are here to guide you through the jungle of the best apps and offer up the best android apps available. There are tons of interesting apps available to download on the google play store but Spiltwise is one of the best android app available. It is a free tool for friends and roommates to track bills and other shared expenses so that everyone gets the paid back. It keeps a running total over time, so that you can pay each other back in one big payment.

Top 10 Trending APK apps for 2018

Well the best Apk in the videos games world we have ever seen is Clash of Lights Apk through which you can get unlimited resources of Clash of Clans game.Goodreads is an another of the amazing android apps. It allows you to search new titles, read reviews and complete a reading list. It also featured the scanner functionality so that you can scan the bar code on your book and add it to your virtual bookcase. Podcast Addict allows you to manage the podcasts, live stream, youtube, twitch, sound cloud channels and RSS new feed. It is stuffed with so many features that it can be over whelming over times. It is one of the most fully featured podcast players that you can get. If you don’t like to eat meat, then you can find the suitable restaurants for you through an android app. Happy Cow is the best app for that. Happy Cow lists vegetarian restaurants for you, cafes and stores. It also featured different filters to suit your diet and find something close to your location with directions.

Filmora Go is also one of the most interesting android apps available. It allows you to edit together your vidoes on android. Google Opinion Rewards pays the actual money to you. It only requires you to complete the short surveys on the google and you will be given credit to spend on the store. G Board is also one of the most interesting android apps available on the google play store. It is the ultimate keyboard for android. It is remarkably similar to the Swype. Google Search is built into it. Voice Typing and keyboard themes are also featured in it. Solid Explorer File Management is also an amazing android app available with two-week free trial. It featured the sensible way of navigating the files on the android device. It featured Google own Material Design for an easy to use user interface which makes moving your files around. Gallery Doctor and Photo Cleaner automatically manages your snaps. It hunts down the duplicate images on your android phone and highlights them for deletion