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Clash of Lights Apk Free Download

Clash of Lights

Welcome to the most popular private server of COC that has stunning features and well-known as Clash of Lights. As everyone knows about COC game and it does not need any introduction. It is a game in which you have to focus on the establishment of buildings, upgrade the army, and fight with the opponent to protect your clan by using limited resources. As this game does not provide unlimited resources to the players, that’s why thisĀ version is released to sort out this issue. This server works to give relaxation to the COC players for generating unlimited resources such as unlimited coins, gems, elixir, dark elixir, gold, etc.

Clash of lights download

Main Features

COC Server is no doubt the best server that has stunning features. The COC players who did not enjoy the clash of clans game due to its limited resources can download this server on their device. The COLĀ features are listed below:

  • You can get an unlimited number of resources such as unlimited gems, coins, gold, elixir, dark elixir, custom buildings, and heroes.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
  • It is 100% safe, private server because it gives complete satisfaction to the COL gamers.
  • You can upgrade different characters and troops within a few minutes.
  • It permits you to fight with enemies by building your army strength according to your need.

Servers of Clash of Lights

There are four servers of Clash of lights that perform different actions named as:

  • COL S1
  • COL S2
  • COL S3
  • COL S4
  • COL S5


COL Server 1 allows the players to generate unlimited resources when they need. They can score in the game by utilizing these resources within a few minutes instead of months or years. You can download its apk file by clicking on the link that is given on the site.


Server 2 works like the COL S1, but it is somehow different from Server 1. This server is more powerful and enhances your gaming speed. Otherwise, it also provides the feature of unlimited resources. Click on the link to download it on your device.


This server is especially best suited for those who have the latest Android devices. Because it is best for smart devices as it helps to boosts up the gaming speed, including the feature of unlimited resources. Download it within a few minutes by clicking on the link.


It is the most potent and fantastic server that allows the players to generate unlimited resources as well as protect your device from any bugs that usually occur while playing the game. Download its apk file by clicking on the link that is given below.


Clash of Lights Server 5 is for those who have tried the four servers of COL and faced problems in their working. Then they can download COL S5 on their Android device, which is last updated for user satisfaction. You can install this server on your device with a single tap. To Download Clash of Clans Hack check this.

Final Words

Clash of Lights is one of the most popular private servers for COC users that gives complete relaxation to the users. They can access the infinite number of resources, create their clan, and fight against enemies using resources to protect their clan. You can easily download any of these COL servers by clicking on the link. Download, install, enjoy the unlimited resources, and score in-game by just simple steps.

Updated: July 23, 2019 — 2:04 pm

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